Viva la Revolution – International Recruitment Summit | Viva la Revolution

International Recruitment Summit | Viva la Revolution

The conference to shape the future of recruitment, Balearics 2018

Viva la Revolution

Cut through recruitment’s hyperbole and find out what’s really going on!

A booming economy with a surging jobs market is a beautiful thing for any recruiter.

We all know that the economy works in cycles and human capital revolutions are not just for history books, but how do we know if we’re taking steady growth for granted, while taking our eye off the ball?

Demand for recruitment and recruiters has never been so high, but neither has the competition.

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Perpetual optimism is creating what many see as unsustainable growth in new recruitment agencies, a vertiginous rise in dreaded MSPs and a drive towards market saturation.


So how do you build or transform your business so that you can differentiate and transcend in a world of transparency, margin compression and rising costs?


Structure resilient plans and carve a niche space for you and your brand to drive forward, no matter what the market puts in your way?


The International recruitment summit in Ibiza will bolster your ability to connect, engage, learn and execute material change within your business and domain, while cleverly fostering new relationships with like-minded entrepreneurs and leaders.


  • Challenge the status quo
  • Disrupt the disruptors
  • Make change happen
  • Hyper-growth



We will also tackle the parallel growth of recruitment-related technologies, that not only swamp us with hyperbole and hysteria but claim to level the field for those who had been seen as less able and the corporate internal talent acquirers.


Tech may not ride in and take your job or your market, but tech will take the jobs and markets of those who don’t ride the tech.



The International Recruitment Summit in Ibiza has always set the bar high with an amazing line-up of keynote speakers, revered technology experts and outstanding business leaders. 2018 has jumped upwards again, offering a fresh, contemporary and mind-blowing insight into the recruitment echo-chamber, from a disruptive outside world.


Although ex-rugby managers and book-selling marketers are great for a ‘stage sugar rush’, they rarely have a lasting effect on the productivity and opportunity cost of your business, nor will they be there 365 days a year to support you.


The International Recruitment Summit in Ibiza has been designed not only to educate and guide you through times of unprecedented change, but also to help inspire you to embrace new challenges and cement your foundations, so that you can deliver any future changes required.

As always, the format is unbiased, evidence-based, at the forefront of its time and only positioned to inform and challenge opinions.

The conference will help you to:

  • Choose and plan for the best new technologies
  • Undergo digital transformation safely and profitably
  • Design your recruitment service to harness the skills of your staff and the latest new tools
  • Devise winning new strategies that drive global expansion
  • Make your brand clear and compelling
  • Design new product offerings
  • Achieve ROI on all tech investments
  • Build a network of peers to call upon throughout your change programme.
  • Build a culture of innovation and flexibility in your firm
  • Make your brand stand out online in a very noisy world
  • Reenergise so that you’re ready for the challenges and opportunities 2019 will bring


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